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A group wallet for everyone who needs it

For initiatives, big projects or one-time actions but also long-term activities such as class funds or team funds. Just for everyone!

For your common goal

The group account is the account for your project. It's about environmental protection, education, sport, hobbies or what else you may think of. Together we can achieve more! Set up, set payments and start together...

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elinor benefits

  elinor Private bank account Petty cash
available digital and mobile
quick online bank transfers

automatic digital documentation of all transactions

decentralized insight in the incoming and outgoing payments

common responsibility
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Give your money purpose

All your money at elinor is invested sustainably in ecological and social projects. For this goal, we work closely with the world's first eco-bank, the GLS Bank. Especially experience and security is important to us in this context.

Your ideas, your motivation is the purpose of the money in the group account. Become many and strengthen each other. Together we achieve more.

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elinor functions

Digital co-determining

With the elinor group account all members can choose how they want to participate – this is how direct democracy works nowadays.

100% digital, 100% mobile

We save resources and avoid unnecessary paperwork. Our platform is 100% digital and available everywhere.

Transparent and fair

With elinor you always have insight in the incoming and outgoing payments of your group account. You decide, whether all group members or selected ones should be able to vote on payments.

You fix the user fee yourself. This is how we all together keep the elinor platform running.

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