What is elinor?

elinor is a peer-to-peer platform that enables a digital and joint management of money.

Legal structure

Behind the elinor platform there are two legal forms: elinor Gmbh and elinor Treuhand e.V. We explain the difference here:

elinor GmbH

is the owner of the elinor platform and the software infrastructure. So, it is the platform operator. elinor is a GmbH (limited liability company) in steward-ownership.

elinor Treuhand e.V.

Every user of the elinor platform becomes member of this association. This is the legal container that manages the funds of its members on a trust basis. The structure is subsidiary, so that the decision-making power about the funds remains in the respective group.

What is elinor Treuhand e.V.?

elinor Treuhand e.V. is a profitmaking association. It works as a container that keeps the funds of its members. Every user of the platform becomes member of the association during the registration. The membership in the association is free of costs and can be canceled at any time.

Users become members of a specific group to manage their funds jointly and to start an action together. The group members and their supporters pay their contributions to a bank account of the association elinor Treuhand e.V. with a reference to the group. Our system provides specific group IDs. So the group builds a capital that is composed of the contributions of its members. The group decides how the funds should be used according to its self-designed group contract.


General Assembly
The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association.


Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board advises and monitors the Executive Board. It is elected by the members and monitors the work of the Executive Board on their behalf.

Current Supervisory Board:


Falk Zientz, Ashoka Fellow, Chief editor of Bankspiegel (GLS-Bank)


Daphne Heinsen, Economist, Cunsultant for Systemic Organizations Developement and Team Developement Coach


Ludwig Schuster, Strategy Consultant, freelance Project Developer and Sustainability Consultant


Board of Directors
The board of directors leads the operational business of the association. It is elected by the Supervisory Board.


Lukas Kunert

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