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We offer a group account that several people can manage together. You can decide democratically what to spend your money on.

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Gruppenkonto für die Mannschaftskasse auf der elinor Plattform

With the group account, you directly have a structure to manage your funds together online, which is not tied to a private bank account or to the club account

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How can the group account help you manage your team fund?

We offer sport teams the opportunity to keep track of their finances together. You can open the group account online in just a few steps. Everyone who wants to participate in the decision-making process can become a member of your group account. It doesn't matter if you have changing team members.

In your group contract you can also easily determine, whether all group members or selected ones should be able to vote on payments. You decide yourself what costs you have for the use of the elinor platform!

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User feedback

With the elinor group account we manage our team funds. We use it to pay for fuel costs, our first-aid equipment, or even trainer gifts and, if there's anything left over at the end of the season, also for some team events. The group account allows us an uncomplicated money management, even if the persons responsible for the cash change.

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Tips for your team fund

Why do you need a team fund?

Clubs in the amateur sector usually do not have the possibility to finance team activities and events, because they have to cover other costs, e.g. for referees or match permits. Therefore, teams often organize themselves by collecting small contributions and keeping a fund.

Who is responsible for the team fund?

In the youth area, the coach or a parent usually takes care of the team treasury. With the group account, several people can manage the cash together. This provides more transparency and shared responsibility.

Older players, on the other hand, organize the team fund themselves. Often one or two members take care of the administration of the joint cash register. But with the group account, the whole team can also have an insight into payments.

The group account can also be used for the penalty catalog, because all transactions are automatically documented.

How much is the contribution to the team fund?

Each team decides for itself how much and how often it will be paid into the team fund. Some teams only collect when they have something specific in mind, others rely on regular contributions (e.g. 3 euros per month per player).

What expenses are covered by the team fund?

The money in the team fund is usually used to finance joint activities, e.g. excursions, the Christmas party, a round of ice cream after the game, presents, the barbecue at the end of the season or training material that is not paid for by the club.

How to keep the team fund?

The team fund is associated with some effort, because you have to keep a cash book and carefully store the receipts. With the group account, it's much easier: all payments are automatically documented, the receipts can be easily attached and all group members have insight into the transactions at any time. This ensures a lot of transparency, shared responsibility and allows for an easy handover when members change.

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