The group account for self-help groups

The community strengthens the individual. The group account helps you manage the funds of your support group, no matter how many you are and how often members change.

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How can the group account be useful for self-help groups?

With the group account you can jointly manage money. A four-eyes or multiple-eyes principle is always guaranteed and the funds that are in the group account do not have to appear on your tax return. Members, who should decide about the payments, can be nominated as payment deciders. Other members anyway have insight in the transactions.

Members, who are not active anymore, can leave the group with a click and the group account can be carried on by the other members or you can easily invite new ones.

With the elinor contribution we developed a fair fees model. You decide how much you want to contribute to the costs for the operation and development of elinor.

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The group account for self-help groups

With the group account it is possible to manage money that is not tied to a private bank account. Several people can have access to the group account.

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