Pay what you can!

As a start-up with a social mission, we don't focus on financial gain, but on the meaning and impact of our work. However to be able to offer and develop the platform, we depend on your contribution.

For the use of elinor you pay what you can. With your contribution you make our work possible.

Create group account
Ein Mensch klettert und die anderen unterstützen ihn

A fair contribution

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    No set-up fee

    There are no fees for the set-up of your group account. It is important for us that you can simply start. You should just take action.

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    No preset fees

    In the group contract you define yourself how much you can pay as elinor contribution.

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    No costs per user

    We want you to become many and strong. We want you to start projects together and to keep change rolling.

You decide how much your contribution will be

When creating a group, you can choose between a percentage of each incoming payment or a fixed monthly contribution and determine how much it should be.

You can change the elinor contribution at any time. Please note that small groups are proportionally more complex than large groups.

Choose your contribution

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    Percentage on the incoming payments

    a fair evaluation is between 4% - 5%

  • Uhr Icon weiß und orange
    Fixed monthly contribution

    a fair evaluation is between 6€ - 10€

FAQ about the elinor contribution

Why should we pay a contribution for the use of elinor?

With your contribution you make our work possible. You finance our salaries, office space, and the technology and tools we need to work.

Only through you we can offer the elinor platform.

Which contribution fits our group?

You decide. Our recommendation is: groups that are supported by the contributions of their members (class funds through parent contributions, team funds through the team) often use a fixed contribution. Action-based groups, large groups and fundraising initiatives that are supported by a large number of supporters should pay a percentage contribution.

How can I set the elinor contribution?

When creating your group you will find the item Use fee. Here you can select the type of contribution and determine how much it should be.

How can I change the elinor contribution?

You can change the elinor contribution in your group under "Group contract" > „Details“ > "Edit". All group members will be notified so that they can vote.

What do we have to do to pay the elinor contribution?

After you have set your elinor contribution in your group contract, you don't have to do anything. The percentage contribution is automatically deducted each time you make an incoming payment and the fixed contribution is deducted on the first day of each month.