How to create a group account

Step 1: Create an account

In order to create a group account you need to register on our platform:

After defining your email and password you will receive an email from elinor with an activating code. Please use this code in order to activate your account.

Step 2: Groups

After the registration you have access to the section “Groups”. Click on the button “Create Group”.

Step 3: Create a group account

Please fill the form with general information about your group (for example the name an the aim of your group). This is compulsory in order to create a group account.

You can also use some keywords (tags). These are useful for other interested in order to find your group on the platform.

Step 4: Define the general conditions of your group account

After entering the name and the aim of your group you need to determine:

Payouts: with which majority and in which period of time you want to decide about payouts.

Group contract: with which majority and in which period of time you want to decide about changes in the group contract.

Admission to the group: how should new members be accepted into the group?

Deposits: how are you going to decide on deposits?

Step 5: User fee – your elinor contribution

With the elinor users we developed a fair fee model for the use of the platform.

You can choose with which contribution you want to support us. A fair evaluation for the transaction fee is between 3 and 7% of the deposits.

Step 6: Your group account

You did it! Now you have a new group account and you can use all functions. In your group dashboard you can find the main functions, such as “invite members”.

Further functions are:

Transactions, Elections, Activities, Payment orders, Members, Group contract

Step 7: Members and users' roles

You can change the members’ roles within the group, such as the admin function.

Please be sure that there is always at least one admin, otherwise the group will be inactive.

Step 8: Deposits and how to create a donation link

Deposits to your group account can easily be made via bank transfer. You can find your bank details in the dashboard of your group.> Please don’t forget to enter the code that you find under “Purpose”.

If you get a lot of donations, we suggest you create a donation link. You can find this function in the section „Transactions“.

This link can be embedded in your web page.

Step 9: Request an outgoing payment

Under „Transactions“ you can start a request for an outgoing payment. Your group will vote for or against it. Just enter the bank details of the recipient.


Something did not work?

If you stumble across problems. Do not hesitate to contact us:

We will be pleased to help you!

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