The group account - for civic involvement

We offer an account that a group of people can manage together. So you can take action and start your project also without a legal form.

  • Setup of the group account in few minutes.
  • Insight and participation in decision-making for all members
  • You can easily receive donations by bank transfer or PayPal
  • Automatic documentation of transactions and documents

How can the group account facilitate civic involvement?

Spend your energies and resources on your concerns and projects and do not waste them in creating unnecessary structures. You don’t need any associations or complicated contracts. In few steps you can open a group account and collect money or donations from your supporters.

The group account helps you even if you have no legal form or a classic bank account. It is suitable for: initiatives, petitions, neighbourhood festivals, neighbourhood help and charity actions. You can start the group account as a loose, free group and decide jointly and democratically on the outgoing payments as needed. All group members have always insight in all transactions. You decide what costs you have for the use of the elinor platform.

You take care of your project and we help you with a framework and the management of your money movements.

How does the group account work?


  1. As initiator you set up a group in few clicks
  2. You invite all group members who should manage the money and decide about the outgoing payments with you
  3. You get your account data from us and the group members and your supportes can directly make an incoming payment
  4. Now every group member can request an outgoing payment for voting

Open your group account now and let's create a better society together!

We wrote a clear instruction so that you can start directly. On our blog you can also find the basic information about the group account, such as incoming payments, member invitation and outgoing payments.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Just write us at:

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