The group account - for activists

With the group account we offer the possibility to start a digital money pot, so that collectives and groups of activists can collect and manage money jointly. For this you don’t need any legal form or institution but only a group of people with a common aim.


  • Setup of the group account in few minutes.
  • account insight and participation for all members
  • You can easily receive donations by bank transfer or PayPal
  • Automatic documentation of transactions and documents

How can the group account help activists?

Providing group accounts that are separated from private bank accounts we give groups without a legal form, environmentalists groups, LGBT+ activists or human rights activists the possibility to put into practice their projects.

You can easily receive donations from your supporters by bank transfer or PayPal. All members have insight in all incoming and outgoing payments at all times. Outgoing payments are decided digitally, jointly and democratically. You decide what costs you have for the use of the elinor platform.

How does the group account work?

  1. As an initiator you set up a group with a few clicks on elinor
  2. You invite all group members who should manage the money and decide about the outgoing payments with you
  3. You get your account data from us and the group members and your supportes can directly make an incoming payment
  4. Now any group member can request a payout

I’m Ben of Fridays for Future. I took part to the demonstrations in Munich since the beginning and got involved in the organisation. In fact, we have succeeded in bringing the climate crisis into the media and onto the political agenda. We took the risk of missing our lessons for striking. But then we were threatened with the first fines in April 2019. Probably the system wanted to test how serious we really are. Our answer was: „Those who seriously want to punish students who fight should send the bill directly to the government – for its disastrous climate policy.“ So three other Fridays for future activists and I started a legal aid fund on elinor. A few hours after we made this public through our online channels the first bank transfers started coming in: we collected more than 1000 € on the first day in very small amounts. In the following days it went on like this. This was a sign of solidarity for us. The sanctioned students are really not alone. With the legal aid fund, Fridays for future started a nationwide team that now supports affected students. Trough elinor we decide jointly about the outgoing payments. This kind of tools are exactly what we need in order to jointly fight for climate justice!

Ben Awenius

Member since 2019

fridaysforfuture legal aid fund

Schutz vor Bußgeld-Bescheiden und Rechtskosten für fff Aktivist*innen


Open your group account now and let's create a better society together!

We wrote a clear instruction so that you can directly start. On our blog you can also find the basic information about the group account, such as incoming payments, invitation of other members and outgoing payments.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Just write us at:

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