Fees for your group account

Pay what you can


elinor is an enabling platform and we want it to be available for all who are willing to take action as a community.

Developing the platform and managing the community generate costs for us. In order to cover the costs we developed a fair fees model – the elinor contribution: You decide how much you want to contribute to the costs for the operation and development of elinor.


You decide

You decide what fee you pay. A good evaluation is between 3% – 7% of the incoming payments. Please note that small groups are more expensive than big ones.

We need you

In order to cover the costs we need a medium transactions fee of min. 4,5% 4,5% of the incoming payments.

You can change your elinor contribution

You can change the elinor contribution at any time and fix a higher oder lower fee according to your financial situation.

No set-up fee

There are no fees for the set-up of your group account. It is important for us that you can simply start. You should just take action.

No fix fees

You have no fix fees and therefore no risk. You will have some costs only when you make an incoming payment to your group account.

No costs per user

We want you to become many and strong. We want you to start projects together and to keep change rolling.

How to fix your elinor contribution

In your group contract you can find “User fee“. Here you can specify with which contribution you want to support elinor. So we all contribute to the maintaining of our platform.

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