Fees for your group account

elinor is an enabling platform and we want it to be available for everyone. Your contribution enables our work and is defined by you.

Pay what you can.

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Pay what you can

Choose between a fixed monthly contribution or a percentage on the incoming payments. A fair evaluation is between 3% - 6% of the incoming payments or a monthly contribution of about 5€ - 10€.

You can change the elinor contribution at any time. Please note that small groups are proportionally more complex than large groups.

We work transparently

  • No set-up fee

    There are no fees for the set-up of your group account. It is important for us that you can simply start. You should just take action.

  • No preset fees

    In the group contract you define yourself how much you can pay as elinor contribution.

  • No costs per user

    We want you to become many and strong. We want you to start projects together and to keep change rolling.

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