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elinor is an enabling platform and we want it to be available for all who are willing to take action as a community.

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Pay what you can

You decide what fee you pay. A fair estimate is between 3% - 7% of the incoming payments or a monthly contribution of about 5€. Please note that small groups are proportionally more expensive than large groups.

You can change the elinor contribution at any time and fix a higher or lower fee according to your financial situation.

We work transparently

  • Group 10
    No set-up fee

    There are no fees for the set-up of your group account. It is important for us that you can simply start. You should just take action.

  • Group 11
    No preset fees

    In the group contract you define yourself how much you can pay as elinor contribution.

  • Group 13
    No costs per user

    We want you to become many and strong. We want you to start projects together and to keep change rolling.

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