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Guida Ribeiro - elinor Team
Guida Ribeiro

Front-End Development

Calvin Herchenbach - elinor Team
Calvin Herchenbach

Front-End Development

Bonina Lindlar - elinor Team
Bonina Lindlar


Chiara Marchi - elinor Team
Chiara Marchi

Customer Service & Communication

Lukas Kunert - elinor Team
Lukas Kunert

Co-founder, Management

Ruben Rögels - elinor Team
Ruben Rögels

Co-Founder, Software Development

Richard Ulrich - elinor Team
Richard Ulrich

Business Developement

Marie Grasser - elinor Team
Marie Grasser

Student Employee Communication

Anne Giemza
Anne Giemza

Accounting and Assistance

Falk Zientz
Falk Zientz

Co-Founder, Strategy / Development

Daria Urman
Daria Urman

Co-founder, Risk Calculation

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