Collect money online

The elinor group account – your digital collecting pot


Collect and manage money together for gifts, trips, projects and other events

Advantages of the group account


  • It can be quickly set up online
  • The contributions are paid by bank account or PayPal
  • Several people have insight into the transactions
  • Outgoing payments are voted on democratically
  • All transactions are documented automatically.
  • You determine the contribution yourself

Only 3 steps to your group account

1. As initiator you register on the platform and create a group
2. You invite the group members to manage the money together with you and to co-decide on all payouts
3. You will receive the account details from us and everyone can make an incoming payment immediately – even people who do not have an account on the platform

How does the group account work?


group contract
When you create a group, you set all the conditions yourself. Each member must agree to the contract upon entering the group. Our form will guide you easily and quickly through the necessary steps.

You can invite anyone who should have insight into transactions and a right to vote on payouts. You are allowed to be as many as it takes for your project.

Incoming payments
Anyone can make an incoming payment – group member or non-group member. Incoming payment are made by bank transfer or PayPal. You will receive all the necessary data for the incoming payment. We also have a widget for integration on your website (e.g. for donation appeals).

Payout requests
To transfer money to a group member, the member submits a payout request to the group, which decides democratically by a majority vote.

Each member of the group will be notified about payout requests and can agree or disagree. You determine the majority ratio yourself in your group contract. For each decision, at least 50% of all members must have voted.

Alternative without alternative

The perfect solution to simply collect money quickly

The elinor group account offers you all the features you need.

Together, simple, different:

  • Alternative for MoneyPool (Paypal)
  • Option for crowdfunding
  • Collect money virtually
  • Manage money together online
  • Digital group account for everyone
  • Available immediately
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