The group account - for activists

With the group account we offer the possibility to start a digital money pot, so that collectives and groups of activists can collect and manage money jointly. For this you don’t need any legal form or institution but only a group of people with a common aim.

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Gruppenkonto für Aktivismus auf elinor Plattform

Your money won't fall into the wrong hands. All your contributions are managed sustainably by GLS Bank and invested in social and ecological projects

Aktivistin mit Lautsprecher und viele andere Demonstranten im Hintergrund

How can the group account help activists?

Providing group accounts that are separated from private bank accounts we give groups without a legal form, environmentalists groups, LGBT+ activists or human rights activists the possibility to put into practice their projects.

You can easily receive donations from your supporters by bank transfer or PayPal. All members have insight in all incoming and outgoing payments at all times. Outgoing payments are decided digitally, jointly and democratically. To do this, you specify in the group contract whether all group members or only selected ones should vote. You decide what costs you have for the use of the elinor platform.

Plakat There is no planet B, Fridays for Future

User feedback

With the Legal Aid Fund, FFF started a nationwide team that now supports affected students. We coordinate the payments via elinor. This is exactly the kind of tool we need to fight together for climate justice!

Ben Awenius

Fridays for Future activist

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Tips about finances and activism

How is activism financed?

In order to be able to finance projects, campaigns and actions, you need money. You may be willing to pay part of the cost yourself. But you can acquire larger funds through donations.

Why does a group of activists need an account?

With an account you can share the common costs as a group and also be supported by external people. If you do not (yet) have a legal form and are simply a loose association of activists, you can use the group account for this. So you have an overview of your finances even with changing members and can share responsibility.

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