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As a community, we can achieve more – this experience connects us.

Our team introduces itself

There was a lack of a suitable form to manage common money quickly and democratically. That’s why we’ve come together with our different perspectives: software development, activism, sustainable banking, business foundation and community creation, controlling, family work, and more.

In 2018, we launched elinor as a research project and gathered our first experiences. So how can a digital infrastructure for more mutuality look like? In which areas exist a real need? This led to the first two focus areas: assurance and group accounts.

We are happy about the cooperation with GLS Bank, Hannoversche Kassen, climate activists and our great advisory board.

elinor team

Get to know our team

Lukas Kunert - elinor Team
Lukas Kunert

Co-founder, Management

Ruben Rögels - elinor Team
Ruben Rögels

Co-Founder, Software Development

Falk Zientz
Falk Zientz

Co-Founder, Strategy / Development

Why elinor?

Elinor Ostrom

The U.S. researcher is the only woman to have received the Nobel Prize in Economics. She devoted herself to the question of how scarce, freely available resources can be used and distributed efficiently and what mechanisms help communities to organize themselves cooperatively. In doing so, she brought new awareness to the ideas of the "commons". In developing the elinor platform, we translated the design principles of commons ownership developed by Ostrom into the forms of solidarity and shared money management.

Pressekonferenz mit den Preisträgern des Preises für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2009 an der KVA: Elinor Ostrom.